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Next Level Riding Clinics consist of various drills and closed course exercises that target the fundamentals of snowmobiling in mountainous terrain. Be prepared to be tested on avalanche safety and awareness as they are practiced and emphasized throughout the clinics. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider these clinics will help you reach your "NEXT LEVEL."

Join me, Dan Adams, Polaris Terrain Dominator, as we explore everything from deep powder filled meadows to steep technical terrain aboard the best mountain sleds in the industry. So if you are looking for the challenge of a lifetime, and have the desire to improve your skills, you are ready for Next Level Riding Clinics! Let’s Ride!



"Our goal is to make you a better, more efficient mountain rider."

Our instructor designed drills and gated courses are a proven way to progress your riding abilities. Riders of all ability levels are challenged by the gated drills. Drills force a rider to practice weight transfers and sled control with intent. Initiating turns and navigating the course with the right amount of throttle control, results in a more confident rider that knows what to do, when to do it, and how the sled will react. It is a great tool that most riders find difficult until they start feeling and seeing the results in their riding.


Our Instructors

Dan Adams
Dan Adams brings over 15 years of riding and coaching experience to the table. He has made it his mission to improve every rider that attends his clinics. "I love seeing people succeed and accomplish what they didn't think they could."
Levi Tormanen
Talented rider, instructor, and mechanic! Levi's dynamic personality and unique teaching style will help you take your riding from flat-lands to the mountains.
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